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Hi! It is nice to MEAT you! Yes, Ritto’s is very glad to meet you and as an offering, we are serving the best gourmet burger you have ever tasted. Ritto’s is now known for delivering the best out of foods, especially of gourmet burgers.

Our restaurant has been established since 2017. Though our start is as hard as nails, we are motivated to serve you. Every day, we have been telling our unique story as we serve our menu to our valued customers. We make every dining experience unforgettable by pouring pure intentions.

Here at Ritto’s, we do not only serve great foods but also offer a stylish blend of our specialties and exclusives. We take casual dining to a higher level while keeping everything simply in place. Whether you are after a speedy and satisfying light snack or meal, you can still assure high standards of services and quality of food.

We are the gourmet burger restaurant that can serve you a delightful gourmet burger, chicken burger, and chicken wings that are available in big portions. You can be assured that here at our restaurant, you will have a memorable quality experience tasting our gourmet dishes.

The big idea behind Ritto’s is for us to offer more people the chance to try eating non-processed and all natural foods at an affordable price. Our gourmet burger and other dishes are guaranteed to be prepared and made without artificial flavours and colors, drugs, and other preservatives to keep it fresh and delicious every day. Furthermore, we use halal meat to provide gourmet burgers for all.

We are proud to say that when we were still in our beginning stages, it was as if the business would not thrive. However, by applying a genuine approach, we are able to catch the hearts of the people here in the United Kingdom as well as nearby places. We are like nothing that you have seen before. Ever since our fresh start, we have been considered as a neighbourhood gourmet burger counter.

Just like you, we at Ritto’s love burgers, too. So, rest assured that our burgers possess the standards that you are looking for. Whenever you need a good snack, do not hesitate to visit us here at 149 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HJ, United Kingdom. We are more than willing to entertain and serve you. Do not limit yourself when it comes to your happiness. We would be glad to see you here!